double-cute battle mode
A VJ-Remixing-Battle for 2 players that lets them mix visuals in a playful interaction.

DCBM allows players to combine visuals and special effects in a playful battle for screen space. Using a PS2 adapter, players plug their imagination into their PC and share a creative space in an intuitive video-game style interaction. The project is presented as an installation, using a video projector to show the live remix game on the façade of TKNY. This experience explores some modular approaches to the interaction experience, combining software with video game interfacing, performance and spatial design.

Target User:
Game lovers & in-store audience, passersby.

DCBM was created in collaboration with Carlos Gomez de Llarena. It was commissioned for the launch of Compact-Impact Nights, new media and design exhibitions that promote the latest ideas and creations in technologyand places them in the Japanese design and technology store Compact-Impact for public view. Shoji Kawamori’s robot designs were the inspiration for the imagery that drove the live techno-playspace. Read a review of the event in Shift magazine.

I created custom graphics for the project to accompany the Austin Museum of Digital Art's Digital Showcase on May 20, 2005, which featured a performance by DAT Politics.

To learn more about featuring DCBM at your event, please contact: aya at technekai dot com

Sample images put into the mix:
robot 1 robot 2 robot 3 robot 4

January 16th 2004 - view from outside the venue
view from street
The crowd stays warm inside
the crowd inside
DCBM video projection
sample projection
Another view
another sample projection
Carlos and Aya, happy VJ warriors
carlos and aya
With curator Kanae Ito
carlos, curator kanae ito, and aya