Documentary Project for Refugee Youth

The Documentary Project for Refugee Youth was a workshop led by Raeshma Razvi, which sought to explore the refugee condition through photography, video, interviews, and journal-writing. Twelve teenaged refugees from Africa and Europe met weekly for three years, using creative projects as a means to work through their past and make sense of their new future in New York City. I was asked to put together a small team that could effectively present their powerful work online, where it could be shared with a wider audience.

We took inspiration from the scrapbooks the youth had kept, using collaged images to represent the many vignettes that make up the story of the Documentary Project. One of the challenges was integrating a book-length amount of copy, the carefully-woven narrative Razvi wrote to accompany the youth's creative work.

The team consisted of only three people, including myself, thus we all had to wear many hats. My roles included interaction design, project management and promotion, assitant visual design, and quality assurance.