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posted in reverse chronological order of posting, that is, according to whimsy...

One Day Shadow Pavilion light passes through letterforms cut out of roof of a small shelter, casting the shadow of a poem onto the ground

popularity dialer - one of the strangest, strangest projects. Be sure to check out the "affirmation call" on the main page, and also listen to previous calls.

wable - you, as a conglomeration of your internet activity: a visual display

please spam us - collaborative voting for spam-worthy addresses: another take on spam

Playmobil Security Check Point - so-called 'hacktivism'

spatial text in elevator shaft, LACMA

Humument - by Tom Phillips

visual ringtones - by Universal Everything

David Lynch on watching movies on the iPhone

writing digital media - a collaborative, editable resource for anyone who is writing digital media. that is: 'writing [in] digital media' or 'writing[transitive] digital media' or 'writing: digital media'

vvork - regularly updated visual list of contemporary artworks, with a focus on video, performance, photography, new media, and installations

Halo 3 - well-made promotional site for the video game

Tokyo Plastic - excellent blend of visuals and sound

untitled landscapes for portable media players - eco-themed video pieces, made for mobile. for use in a project? hmmm...

mdetorie - flickr portfolio of visual poetry, poetry published in non-traditional forms

table of forms - outline of all sorts of techniques and forms of constrained literature

John Ashbery, Poet Laureate of MTV

Textorizer - detects the edges in an image file, and replaces them with lines of text

Neuropop - when neurology meets sound design

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