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How does Jonathon Harris account for those graphical icons that tap into stereotypes, specifically those icons at the beginning of the clip that tap into racial stereotypes? Was he just be cute and funny?

How does Jonathon Harris account for privacy? Does he simply assume that if the information is already posted online, then he is allowed to use it for his project? What if the people who posted that didnít want to be a part of the project?

My final piece will be an animation featuring text, specifically a description of a place. The text will slide into the screen and settle in different areas to construct an iconographic representation of the space described, thus creating a textual picture of sorts. My inspiration for this piece comes from both my experiments in art, fiction, and creative non-fiction writing and from various electronic writing pieces that I have been exposed to. Basically, the limitations of writing in creating a visual representation of someone, something, or someplace have inspired me to try and make text perform the double duty of both text and image. I want to try and use Flash to create this piece. Iím not sure if this will be the best tool for it, because Iím not sure if I want this piece to slide in, yet. If it does, in fact, slide in, I will be trying to recreate the process of reading and observation, the way one would look at the real world, in pieces and in tangents, scattered. Iím not sure if that added element would distract from the piece or if it would be the last needed spark. There are two other projects that exist that I can look toward as precedents: http://www.ni9e.com/typo_illus.html and another one that I am having significant trouble finding. Where the second one would provide the details on how I would lay the piece out, the first one shows how text could file in and arrange itself on a given space. Although I am still in the process of creating a rough draft, the text will be a detailed description of a space. I am not constraining myself in composing this text, in terms of organization or transitions; rather, I am just letting myself observe random aspects and write about them as they come to me. Hopefully I can write a complete piece and fill in any empty space Ė I donít think, if I am describing a place in such a way, that negative space would be appropriate. If it does in fact come to filling empty space, I suppose I can experiment with font sizes, which I would already have had to have done to create both a dynamic composition and to have accurately recreated perspective. I also think that if the purely observational details fail to provide enough text, I may also provide details of past encounters with that object or an object like it, although I am not sure if such descriptions would detract from the piece. My reasoning is that one normally doesnít just observe an object, one notices it, looks at it, and then the image from that observation fires off a series of uncontrollable associations within memory.

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