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Prominent New York artists and designers were asked to transform actual Votomatic booths, the center of the controversy surrounding the 2000 Presidential Elections in Florida.

Working with Carlos J. Gomez de Llarena and Jason Marks, on behalf of R/GA, we decided the piece had to be interactive. With only two days to complete the project, using computers or video screens was out. Our approach made slight but powerful modifications to the Votomatic: we re-wrote the instructions (see below), designed a ballot with only one choice, and attached a shredder to the device. Voters were instructed to insert their ballot into a "democracy slot," which concealed the shredder. As time went on, the shredded ballots accumulated in a pile on the floor, a testimony to the democratic process.

Compare the original Votomatic instructions to our modified instructions.

Finally, let's not forget the modified ballot.