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Samsung Support landing page wireframe, showing three key customer care paths.

Samsung Support landing page, January 2020, still following original wireframe.


As user experience lead for The Barbarian Group's Samsung account for several years, I logged a variety of projects, and helped to grow the business from website marketing and maintenance to large-scale product design projects.

One of the most complex assignments was the redesign of the customer support experience: how could we help people learn to use or troubleshoot thousands of products across a range of categories, from cellphones to dishwashers? How might we streamline the migration and maintenance of tens of thousands of Troubleshooting Guides?

Sifting through hundreds of representative guides, we identified common elements that could be worked into a modular structure. We had to work within an existing technical infrastructure and prove that our solution could enhance an established workflow. On the back end, the web-based tool we built for the customer care team allowed them to quickly create or edit content. The modular structure we designed enabled portable content across platforms, from web to chat, app to call center. For the first time, Samsung customers could follow dynamic, step-by-step interactive guides to find solutions for their product issues.

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