What jewel?

Meredith and I proceed with our Grimm’s Fairy Tale book club. She wrote a reflection that really got me pumped, at once a light, quick, touch, and yet it covered a lot of ground. After reading this tale to myself, I read it aloud to my son. He and I were both surprised that the… Continue reading What jewel?

Why Foxes Have Black Feet

Long ago, there was a poor brother and sister who grew up at the edge of a large forest. They did not have much in the way of toys, but hardly had a need for them, as they spent most of their days playing in and around the forest. The forest had all the sights,… Continue reading Why Foxes Have Black Feet

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sun, moon, stars

in which Meredith and i respond to the tale Allerleirauh (All Fur) as collected by the brothers Grimm let me begin by stating how difficult it is to pronounce Allerleirauh for people with a lisp or short lingual frenulum (that little bit of skin attaching tongue to mouth). i was, as ever, intrigued by Meredith’s… Continue reading sun, moon, stars