one by one

i went to the museum with a friend the other day and noticed streaks of gray hair, new to me since i last saw her. we ambled through the exhibit at the pace of her daughter, who plodded around in baby steps and occasionally asked “ou-side?” my friend also had new gestures, holding out an… Continue reading one by one

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the most effective birth control pills are the ones with a side effect that cuts sex drive down at the knees, a nice clean cut. entire afternoons spent embroidering napkins, not the sanitary kind but the table linen. none of the flowers are perfect, some creases always remain in the material despite ironing at the… Continue reading free


how can one body pack so many pounds of ugly feeling, then aim it directly towards itself. it’s not right. it’s not the way to success and future glamourshine. hold on i have to go make some tea.(brew)she’s nuts!and cream, and sugar, and butterfat. down her throat into the belly, bypassing nutrition due to craving… Continue reading cupid

two pens, new notebook

with every sweet drop thatmy mouth enjoys thereare 99 devils thattake a molecule for them-selves and yet thiswill not satisfy theirticklish bellies sothey askfor more.


last week i thought it was the Russians. i blamed their aching orchestrations, familiar and distant. Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky, Rachmaninoff. finally, the broadcasts finished. this week i blame Marguerite Duras. how can one read a novel titled The Malady of Death and not fall through the cracks, fall to a high and lonely place? the stillness.… Continue reading excuses

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to write oneself better

please summon all cells to the important task of healing.flow with the blood,bring fresh air to the empty places, starved for breath. burn a little. let the wounds receive a new layer of skin,revive, feel what it is like to live again. the pressure can sublimate — pass from a solid painto an evaporated nothing.

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all this time denouncing the screen: i’m sick of the screen, tied to the screen. this is the right idea for interactive projects in general, but maybe not so for text and the written word. what’s wrong with a surface, after all? a video projection extends the page, is as limiting as the page, but… Continue reading [ ]