string theory

i’m frustrated that my brand-new 3D printer is leaving stringy 3D prints. could be the ambient humidity, could be the PLA is old or accumulated moisture from the basement studio we’re in. i have tried lowering the temperature in the settings by 5° C, but it still looks stringy: i admit a small part of… Continue reading string theory


spent all morning deciding on audio software. last significant audio piece i made (13? years ago) i used Reaper, a great, free digital audio workspace. but that was back in my PC days, and i wasn’t keen on the lack of native plugins for Mac, which i now use exclusively. so back to good ol’… Continue reading readiness-to-hand

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in the opening of the Grimm Brothers’ The Faithful Animals, a man rescues three animals that had been held captive and forced to dance: a mouse, a monkey, and a bear. the wild does not like to perform. dance itself may be a wildness (my weekly flailing and carrying on at 5 Rhythms tells me… Continue reading wilding

diamonds and pearls

i am pleased that the man’s journey is of little consequence. it is only what happens before, and after. the journey is nothing, save for its dearth of singing, springing larks. If I gave you diamonds and pearls Would you be a happy boy or a girl – Prince and The New Power Generation, 1991… Continue reading diamonds and pearls

the red shoes i wore, I

what on earth can equal a pair of red, red shoes! a flash of color with each step, a festival. like a heartbeat on the sidewalk, a steady pulse of look at me, look at me, look at me. cóż na świecie równać się może z czerwonymi bucikami! błysk koloru z każdym krokiem, święto. jakby… Continue reading the red shoes i wore, I

motion design begins

i am a student, again, with deadlines and homework and frustrating starts and stops. i was excited to create something with my own crude emerging hand-drawn animation skills. i originally wanted to animate some word that had mostly stems, like illuminate. but then i read about the symbolism of the mouth in the wonderful A… Continue reading motion design begins


Written for Visual Verse, in response to a prompt: one image, one hour, 50-500 words (no editing). Falling is a skill left behind too early in our lives. We have the memory of early attempts at sitting, standing, stepping, walking. The memory is in the soft folds of our behinds, our chests, our hands. An… Continue reading Charmed

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the gnome knows

in the Grimm’s Fairy Tale #91, The Gnome, i am intrigued by the themes of: this time, i really can’t focus on proof or truth. most of the characters take what is said as the truth: for example, the king’s three daughters tell exactly how they were freed (to a stove, no less), and the… Continue reading the gnome knows