i’ve got a hunch

“hunch” had a meaning related to a push or thrust (source), centuries ago. a hunchback has a spine thrusting up. a hunch is never certain, rather a general feeling towards a possible future. “The only thing that makes life possible is permanent, intolerable uncertainty: not knowing what comes next.”— Faxe to Genry, Chapter 5, The… Continue reading i’ve got a hunch


“One voice speaking truth is a greater force that fleets and armies, given time; plenty of time; but time is the thing that the Ekumen has plenty of…” but who is speaking this truth? tell us, Ursula. Chapter 3: The Mad King from The Left Hand of Darkness suggests that we identify its narrator, Genly… Continue reading ambassadors

just the tip

“He began to crawl forward on knees and elbows. He had no reason to do this.” i, also, was entranced by this phrase. and, also because this post is a fraternal twin to my book-reading partner, Meredith Noelle, who also responded to Chapter 2: The Place Inside the Blizzard from The Left Hand of Darkness. how deeply human, to crawl forward… Continue reading just the tip


i am an early-stage investor in my creative work. i pay for my own materials, from laptop to pencils. i rent my studio, i set aside time. recently, i have had the opportunity to spend much more time tinkering and bringing projects to fruition. steadily moving forward without knowing exactly what the goal is. i… Continue reading value

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The story is not all mine, nor told by me alone. Indeed I am not sure whose story it is; you may judge better. But it is all one, and it at moments the facts seem to alter with an altered voice, why then you can choose the fact you like best; yet none of… Continue reading epigraph

another one

it happened in the desert. the desert is a good place. you can’t get away from yourself and you certainly can’t belong. life is wet and the desert is dry. a hot wind rose and swirled around me, the folds of my ears shaping the silence into a whistle. the sand, the isolated clumps of… Continue reading another one

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isla margarita

the sea is in the air and the salt is in a clump. i pump the shaker with all the vigor i can muster, but the clumps release just seven grains onto my dish. i’ll have to make those crystals count.with my attention on the salty, i had let the conversation slip by, they have… Continue reading isla margarita

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dinner downtown

how could we know whether they genuinely favored us, or if we were simply useful to them? we had dinner with them more frequently than with our friends; extraordinary japanese meals where no dish was repeated: yam gelatin, pork belly, matsutake mushrooms, mackerel sashimi, fresh homemade tofu. the drinks, on the other hand, were always… Continue reading dinner downtown

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