how to feed a secret

in the shallow part of the sea, not far from shore, lived an eel. a young eel, slender, easily able to slip into the smallest of cracks. more of a hider than a seeker. one day he slipped into a small opening in an old coral, a hole no bigger than the tip of your… Continue reading how to feed a secret

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/imagine woman made of colored particles in mirrored landspace

one of my students inspired me to look into an image generation software, Midjourney. their website blurb states: “Midjourney is an independent research lab exploring new mediums of thought and expanding the imaginative powers of the human species.” now, i’ll buy the expanding imaginative powers bit. it’s exciting to see the words–a command, really–typed to… Continue reading /imagine woman made of colored particles in mirrored landspace

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After the beginning of people but long before painting, all of the colors asked the Creator to be named. Some were given shared names with plants: Violet, Rose, Olive, Saffron. Some were given shared names with animals: Coral, Vermilion, Salmon, Teal. Still others, like Gold and Silver, shared names with metals. After Red was named,… Continue reading black

do as i do

i ask my students at parsons’ design and technology MFA program to keep a process blog. the department requires it, and i agree. reflecting on my day, on my projects, on my words and action has helped me develop as a person, a mother, a teacher, an artist. i worked with an empowerment facilitator, Laura… Continue reading do as i do

2 months 7 days

i am relieved it is over. i didn’t write back to you, meredith, for 2 months and 7 days. i should wrap up my thoughts about Ani.Mystic, but instead i will write in response to your Last Ani*mystic post. 7 days – 2 months = 5 fingers i am electrified by your interest in mudras.… Continue reading 2 months 7 days

(w)holes in the fabric

i like the looks for that “w” it looks human, arms in orans–a word i learned yesterday. orans looks like this: i have started to use this posture in my morning prayer, it feels good. what didn’t feel good was slogging through this chapter–it felt interminable. i was intrigued by the blending of permaculture and… Continue reading (w)holes in the fabric

bigger than thou

i enjoy what Meredith wrote in her post on chapter 4 of Ani.Mystic (is that what we’re up to in book club?): time is not just number, time is not clock time, time is a feeling what does it feel like, then, to be in relation to time? Gordon White writes of a 260-day Mayan… Continue reading bigger than thou


“Our numbers have meaning when they describe the duration of a cycle“, writes Meredith. chapter 3. the duration of reading pages 1-81 may vary. i have to go back and find where my mind was when i read this chapter, there’s been a break in between as i attended to life’s mundane and wonderous duties.… Continue reading counting