slide describing Heidegger's concept of tool
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spent all morning deciding on audio software. last significant audio piece i made (13? years ago) i used Reaper, a great, free digital audio workspace. but that was back in my PC days, and i wasn’t keen on the lack of native plugins for Mac, which i now use exclusively. so back to good ol’ little Audacity for me. it’s simple, it looks basic and not cartoony (ahem, Garageband, sorry), and after a few hours i’m getting the hang of it again. i’ve got about 37 seconds that i like! not mastered, just laid out. tool selection is critical, as is consistent practice with tools. so many years since a real multi-track piece have passed that i am no longer fluent with my tool. but my ear has been in training all along, my discernment is ever in development, and my attunement with creative flow. i would like to align this ease of composing and making with my capabilities with the interface. right now it’s a lot of fumbling with F5 and command + 3.

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