how can one body pack so many pounds of ugly feeling, then aim it directly towards itself. it’s not right. it’s not the way to success and future glamourshine. hold on i have to go make some tea.(brew)she’s nuts!and cream, and sugar, and butterfat. down her throat into the belly, bypassing nutrition due to craving… Continue reading cupid

quiet essay, pt 2

In Holland, the government has reacted to predictions of a silence shortage by establishing Silent Zones (Stiltegebieden), defined as areas “in which the sound load caused by human activity is not high enough to disturb the natural sounds in the area.” My quiet is not the lack of sound. I am trying to make a… Continue reading quiet essay, pt 2

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quiet essay, pt 3

digital devices in our bedroom:Stereo system, CD player brokenDiscmanThree-piece speaker systemPlaystation 3Nintendo WiiTelevision with DVD and VHS playersFax machine, brokenCell phone foyer:PrinterScannerLaptopFlat-screen monitorDSL Internet routerWireless routerExternal hard driveDVD burner living room:Two-piece speaker systemLaptopSound mixing boardMicro ModulatorUSB MIDI hubDigital effects processorLaptopWACOM tablet and penCell phoneCell phoneProjectorMicrocontrolleriPodPlaystation PortableNintendo DSGPS Bluetooth transmitterMP3 player The apartment is filled with… Continue reading quiet essay, pt 3

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all this time denouncing the screen: i’m sick of the screen, tied to the screen. this is the right idea for interactive projects in general, but maybe not so for text and the written word. what’s wrong with a surface, after all? a video projection extends the page, is as limiting as the page, but… Continue reading [ ]

so she says

this one has the means but not the dreams. gifts and treasures of the sharp mind and luscious flesh. a dream is not something you can give, you can’t ribbon-wrap and tissue-sheath a purpose. to make them come true, they need to be there in the first place. a dream is a chicken, an egg… Continue reading so she says

what else can i be

it’s not so much that i mind giving up my reality for a time – that can be delicious and necessary, like molting. wriggling free from the skin of your former perspective on the world. a world that surrounds you, comes from you. most of the time we don’t get rid of the old skins… Continue reading what else can i be