2 months 7 days

i am relieved it is over. i didn’t write back to you, meredith, for 2 months and 7 days. i should wrap up my thoughts about Ani.Mystic, but instead i will write in response to your Last Ani*mystic post. 7 days – 2 months = 5 fingers i am electrified by your interest in mudras.… Continue reading 2 months 7 days

(w)holes in the fabric

i like the looks for that “w” it looks human, arms in orans–a word i learned yesterday. orans looks like this: i have started to use this posture in my morning prayer, it feels good. what didn’t feel good was slogging through this chapter–it felt interminable. i was intrigued by the blending of permaculture and… Continue reading (w)holes in the fabric

bigger than thou

i enjoy what Meredith wrote in her post on chapter 4 of Ani.Mystic (is that what we’re up to in book club?): time is not just number, time is not clock time, time is a feeling what does it feel like, then, to be in relation to time? Gordon White writes of a 260-day Mayan… Continue reading bigger than thou


“Our numbers have meaning when they describe the duration of a cycle“, writes Meredith. chapter 3. the duration of reading pages 1-81 may vary. i have to go back and find where my mind was when i read this chapter, there’s been a break in between as i attended to life’s mundane and wonderous duties.… Continue reading counting

upon a stone altar

This year (it’s been a year since our last book club, Ursula Le Guin’s The Left Hand of Darkness.–a year!) Meredith and i are reading Ani.mystic by Gordon White from Rune Soup (both of us got the nice hardback edition, because, book nerds). i have read none of Gordon’s books, and i am excited to… Continue reading upon a stone altar